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Project SCOPE :

The project aims for students (HE) to improve horizontal skills mismatches and transversal issues (i.e. sustainable development and socio-economically disadvantages participants), and fully supports the acquisition of transferable forward-thinking skills in various sustainability-relevant sectors. It fosters transnational cooperation and innovation for a better alignment of education to the complex skills demands posed by the integration of digital progress into the new Business 4.0 trends.


Study the Industry 4.0 knowledge and skills and design future-oriented curricula to drive innovation in Business 4.0. Studying the emerging knowledge and related Forward Thinking skills required by industry 4.0, and designing future-oriented Curricula to drive innovation in business 4.0 by engaging transnational stakeholders from various sustainability-relevant sectors in survey research, and HE learners in intercultural knowledge exchanges and experience sharing.

Unlocking the transformative potential of education and training through developing modern learning, teaching and training resources in line with Business 4.0 trends, and exchanging of good practices, centred on the concept of forward thinking development, through the involvement of HE learners in intercultural knowledge exchanges.


Deploying the Educational Initiative by pilot testing the future-oriented Curricula to support the development of forward thinking skills required by business 4.0 through cross-border exchange, making the most use of ICT-based and collaborative learning practices, engaging learners in blended learning sessions and transnational teaching and training activities to foster innovation in business engineering education and training, and to enhance civic and responsible behaviour.

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